Muscular System - Cole

Muscular System - Cole

Author: Sheri Cole
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Muscular System BAT List

Students should be able to:

  • IDENTIFY the organs of teh muscular system
  • CLASSIFY the three types of muscle tissue based on their functions
  • EXPLAIN the difference between contracting and relaxing muscles
  • GIVE AN EXAMPLE of an opposing pair and DESCRIBE how they work together
  • CLASSIFY muscles as voluntary and involuntary
  • DESCRIBE how a muscle cell moves and why it has so many mitochondria

Additional BAT list for PreAP students:

  • LABEL the 10 skeletal muscles found on the given skeletal muscle diagram
  • DESCRIBE the movement possible due to a given muscle 
  • INFER what would happen if a given muscle was unable to perform its job

Muscular System Video Notes

Use this video to complete your note sheet (or you may hand write the notes on your own paper). I recommend watching the video at least twice- once to write everything down and once to write down everything I say. Then, use your notes to complete the submit form by 7:00 am Thursday, October 3, 2013.

PreAP Muscle Diagram

Use this interactive diagram to complete your muscle diagram. The only muscles you need to know are the muscles for which you can "click" on and get information. Be sure to label the muscle on your diagram, color it, then write its function and nick name in your chart. Color code the chart to match the color coded muscle diagram on your sheet.
**The muscle, function, and nick-name should be colored the same color as the actual muscle on back of your sheet**

Source: Made by: Sheri Cole via thinglink.com

PreAP Muscle Diagram and Notes

This is the muscle diagram and note sheet that goes with the interactive image above.

**PreAP students only**

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