Musical Forms

Musical Forms

Author: Ashley Crow

1.6 Identify and describe music forms, including theme and variations and twelve-bar blues.

This tutorial will target Middle School students that are learning forms in their music class. 

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Music Form

This link is a reminder to everyone on what form is. Only watch the first 46 seconds of the video. 

Musical Form

Source: Education Portal

Theme and Variation

This link will explain what the form theme and variation is.

Theme and variation

Source: Education Portal

Example of Theme and Variation

This is a walk through of identifying the theme and the different variations.

Source: Brian Gossard

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Theme and Variations

This video shows visually where the variations begin and end at in the music. The variations are identified by different colors.

Source: Sergiy Turchyn

Learning About Blues

This website explains what blues means in music. This will help you understand the blues form mentioned later in the tutorial. 

The Blues 

Source: Study Bass

12 Bar Blues Form

This website describes and explains what a 12 bar blues is. Visual examples are shown on this website. 

12 Bar Blues 

Source: Study Bass

Example of 12 Bar Blues

This video is an example of what a 12 bar blues will sound like. The video also has the chord progressions used in a 12 bar blues to follow along with.

Source: Brendan Danielson, Music by Ray Charles

Big Questions!

What is the meaning of the term form in music? What is theme and variation form and what is a 12 bar blues form?