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My Create App Tutorial

My Create App Tutorial

Author: Gabrielle Hakim

An easy guide to using the My Create App in your classroom.

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Using apps' in the classroom is becoming a popular thing to do! With the My Create App kids can show their imagination. Students can easily capture images of the real world around them, and immediately play them back.

I think this is a perfect app for getting kids engages and having a hands on approach to learning. After looking this app I will show you the steps on how to create your own little movie using My Create, and hope you use it with your students as well!

Here we go!

Steps to getting started:

1. First of course you must find and download the My Create app in the app store. Search for "My Create" in the search box.

2.Once you open the app you must click "start a new project". 

3. Next is to create a fun name for you creation! This is the time to get creative and think of a fun name for your project!

4.Now its time to add images to your project. Use the built in camera to take your photos and move the objects little by little to make them look like their actually moving when you play it back.

5. You can also add sound to your creation or even your favorite song 

6. Review or edit your project, and you're done! When you are happy with your project you can click the button green button to export it to youtube!

Lesson Plan and Student Rubric