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My Digital Life - Week 2

My Digital Life - Week 2

Author: Douglas Sias
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Creating Journals and Pages - Week 2

Hi students. So far, so good.

This week we will tackle the following Portfolio section:

  1. Journal:
    • Task: Write your first journal entry about your 1st week at UCT (orientation)
    • Make an entry in your journal - a short reflection (thoughts, opinions, views) about your clinic visits for BHP just before the September vacation.
  2. Resume: See that various components of the resume and start planning when you are going to complete which section(s). The "Plan" tool is useful - it will send you "reminders" if you set up the "To Do" list.
  3. Create Pages:
    • Task: Create a page (or more) about your “First Day” at UCT. Include videos/photos if you have them.
    • Note: See the various options for pages - you do not have to create pages just full of text. Use the power of digital technology to showcase who you are.
    • Task: Go to and create a short animation that "sells" you. Think about your strengths when you do the cartoon. There are other creative tools (free) on the web - use any of them you are familiar with. If you find or know of any other tools, please share it (links) on the group wall.
  4. Page Editor: Use page editor to change your layout and to add components to your profile/pages.

If you have queries/questions, pose them on the group wall in "My Digital Professional Life".