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My Professional Digital Self (the grown-up years) - Week 4

My Professional Digital Self (the grown-up years) - Week 4

Author: Douglas Sias
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End of the Road?

Hi students.

Congratulations to those who are still with us on the journey. We are nearly at the end.

Just remember, this is just the start of your Professional Digital Self. You have acquired valuable skills to help you build a comprehensive e-portfolio as you journey towards becoming a health professional.

For this week...

  • Check your feedback and comments. Make the changes/edits as suggested by your friends and colleagues.
  • Complete your Resume
  • Make sure that you have shared with me the following:
    • Content
    • Portfolio
    • Pages
    • Invited me (as a friend) to view the various groups
  • Export: Export your Portfolio to your removable drive / laptop / PC for safekeeping. (NB!!! Store the file in a safe spot, online and offline.)

Remember, the journey has just begun. Thanks for the companionship.