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My Sophi Tutorial

My Sophi Tutorial

Author: William Brandon Aumont Alspaugh

The following is a tutorial on the Flipped Classroom that has been proven to be affective.

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How to access your lesson

  • To beging the lesson, please go to and enter class code: C5CF42 and sign into our class.
  • Return to the flipped lesson to watch my intro-lecture and further instructions

Overview of the Lesson

Objectives for your understanding.


Lyrics from the video

Please use the lyrics to assist in learning


Exit Ticket - Please make sure you complete this before class tomorrow.

Whats Next?!!!

Show Me What You Got!!!

Ok its quiz time. So complete the quiz that came with your Flocabulary assignment. This is not for a grade, it just gives me an idea of your learning to this point.

The link below will direct you to the quiz.

Perfomance Task

Examples of Infographics

Lesson Eval