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My tutorial

My tutorial

Author: Brian Morris

I finally find the opportunity to drop a few praising words about the SEO module from the Sistrix Toolbox. And that's still an understatement. The tool is just awesome. It costs money, but it's worth every penny of it. I will describe here why this is so.

Let's start with the case (literally) of a competitor. The SEO module queries around 250,000 keywords against Google and uses the rankings thus obtained to create a special visibility index value for each domain. I just call this value SistrixRank, SR for short. For us, this SR is something like a PageRank replacement, it provides information about how well and how broadly a page ranks in the Google index - a kind of extrapolation for the traffic of a domain. According to the motto: “A page that is ranked well is a good page”, you can use the SR to distinguish between good and bad pages or make successes of optimization measures visible.

Failures can of course also be seen. In the example above, it has meanwhile torn up a website, Google has given the page a penalty. Very unpleasant for the operator, exciting for the observer. Proxy master vpn traffic collapsed completely for three months, after which the page got stuck again. Not completely, but at least. She works back again. Now the question arises, what happened?

Let's take a look at another component of the SEO module, the PageRank history of a website. Isn't that practical? In addition to the rankings, we also get the PR data free of charge. And that for a domain that we might not even have heard of until yesterday. So here is the PR history for the example page above:

Well, it rings. One side fell from PR6 to PR4. Or rather, fallen. The time difference is explained by Google's delayed updating of PR data. That looks a lot worse after a PR devaluation due to paid links. In this case, it should not have been the sale of links, links were purchased here. And some very heavy ones. I am guessing that the page was blackened using the paid links form - what can happen then we can see from the curves.

I think you are starting to understand the value of such a tool. The crash of a page can hardly be represented more vividly. But it gets better. We can also look at the ranking history for the keywords controlled by the Toolbox. In our example, there were hundreds of search terms, one of which is listed here as an example:

This is what a penalty looks like. Not only was this the case with this keyword, it was similar with everyone else. Only very sporadically, the keywords made it into the top 50, in almost all cases place 40 was the absolute limit of what is possible. So there was no more than a fidget around 50th place. This is how SEO analysis is fun.

Perhaps you now have an idea of ​​the value of such a tool. For the website operator - it helps to monitor your own pages. For the SEO consultant who analyzes pages at the push of a button and explains to the amazed customer what he did right or wrong half a year ago. The tool is also exciting for the customer, there is no better way to look at your SEO company. And that is not the ideal link exchange companion. Gone are the days when a supposedly green glowing website pretended to be a good exchange, but in the end you exchanged your own good link for a rotten counterlink.

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