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MyCreate is an app that allows you to create videos from still pictures and enhance them with music, voices, and other sound. I like to use it to create video eBooks. 


Getting Started: 


On your iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone go to your apps store and download MyCreate. It costs $4.99. It needs iOS 6.1 or better. 

Using MyCreats is very simple- see the videos below to see how it works!! 

Instructions for Using Mycreate

1. Open up your MyCreate app 

2. Click on "Add new creation"

3. Enter a name for your project 

4. Start taking pictures on the blue frame 

5. Your pictures will show up on the timeline at the bottom - you can drag them to rearrange. 

6. The hardest part is creating the right amount of time you want on each picture - in order to increase the amount of time make sure you click on the picture in the timeline and then click the big + button. This button duplicates the picture, and you can do it as many times as you want to. 

7. Once you are finished taking pictures and getting them in order you can add sound. To simply add your voice then click the microphone at the top and start recording. You may have to do it over and over again to get it perfectly the way you want it to sound. To add music from your library click the musical note and choose a song. 

8. Finally, you can publish your video by clicking the export button and sending it to youtube, facebook, vimeo, or your own apple device album. 

My Kindergarten Class MyCreate eBook

Keep in mind with kindergarteners, things are much more simple. I allowed them to create a story together about a pumpkin and they each illustrated a page.