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MyCreate Book Trailer Project

MyCreate Book Trailer Project

Author: Alyssa Springer

The objective of this tutorial is to explain the MyCreate app in the creation of book trailers.

This tutorial will be walking through each step in the creation of a MyCreate Video. It will also give information required for the class book trailer project.

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Who's Ready for some Book Trailers?

As you remember, at the beginning of this unit, we watched book trailers to learn more about each book. As you probably also remember - they weren't that great. So, your task is to create a new and improved book trailer for your literature circle book!

How do you do this?

We will be using the iPad application: MyCreate to make our book trailers. This application is used to create stop-motion animation videos.

How do you use this application?

I'm so glad you asked. Below is a step by step walk through of how to use MyCreate. This should answer all of your questions, and get you all ready to create a book trailer!

Have fun! :)
Miss Springer

Sophia MyCreate Tutorial

Follow this link to another tutorial to teach you how to use MyCreate!

The Giver Book Trailer - Using MyCreate

This is an example book trailer that I made for you, to help you see what I'm looking for!

Project Grading

Attached is your rubric and the story board you will use with your group. Use this to guide your book trailer creation.
Have fun! :)