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MyCreate Project

MyCreate Project

Author: Carol Holmes

Writing Standard & Statement: Common Core Standard: W4.4 & W 4.2

I can use text features to create and publish a multimodal version of my nonfiction informational writing.


Today we are going to be upgrading our published newspaper articles to the 21st century. What does that mean?  It means that today we will be creating an "Online" (shorter) version/ mini-summary of our published newspaper articles.


  1.  View the teacher demonstration of a  21st century updated newspaper video clip that shows how the teacher was able to use an animated/interactive web element (mycreate video) to create a shorter more engaging summary of her previously published newspaper article on Maya Angelo.
  2. After you have watched the teacher demonstration of this project; follow along as the teacher reviews how the mycreate production will be graded. For this task refer to the Scoring Rubric given to you.
  3. After the grading criteria is discussed follow along with the steps in this tutorial to learn how to use your mycreate app before beginning your project.
  4. First look how the teacher finds the mycreate app on her ipad and opens it. Then, find your mycreate App and open it.
  5. Next, watch as the teacher demonstrates how to create her account and follow along step by step as you make your account.
  6. Now that you have your account made follow along as the teacher demonstrates how to take pictures. When the teacher demonstrates the steps you watch her! When the teacher says "now you try" then you will try the same modeled step on your iPad to add pictures. If you have questions raise your hand.
  7. Finally, watch as the teacher records and adds sound to her mycreate project. When the teacher says "now you try" then you will try the same modeled steps to add sound on your iPad.
  8. Perfect, now that you know how to use this app, carefully plan out how you wish to create your mycreate project to summarize our previously made newspaper articles on your historical NC figure. Remember to plan your photos appropriately (LOGICALLY) and use your rubric to make sure you will be receiving the score you desire!
  9. When you are finished raise your hand and the teacher will explain how she wants you to turn this project in for a grade.

The Sophia tutorial will also have a copy of the student rubric for students to reference as well as the copy of the teacher made example of this project for students to reference.

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1) Review My MyCreate Example

This is a trailer for my previously written Maya Angelo newspaper article

2) Read The MyCreate Project Lesson Rubric

Today you will be creating a similar trailer for your previously published newspaper article!

Before we begin creating your tutorial please read the Scoring Rubric for this project.


Source: Created by Carol Holmes

3) First you must find and open the Mycreate App!

4) You must click "Start A New Project"

5) You Must Create A Name For Your Project!

6) Add Images To Your Project

7) Add Sound To Your Project


8) Review Your Project Then Raise Hand To Submit When Done

MyCreate Project Lesson Outline

Outline of today's Lesson Plan


Source: Created by Carol Holmes