Naming Binary Covalent Compounds

Naming Binary Covalent Compounds

Author: Katie Smith

The purpose of this packet is to determine a systematic name for a binary covalent compound, or to provide a formula for such compounds when given a systematic name.

This packet includes a slideshow presentation reviewing the basic rules for naming binary covalent compounds.

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A Little More About Names

Hopefully by this point, you understand how to name binary ionic compounds.  If not, click here to go back and review.  As you name binary covalent compounds, you'll see that they follow a similar system of naming to the one you've just learned.

Now What?

If you still have more compounds left without names, consider looking at the next packet, Naming Ionic Compounds Containing Polyatomic Ions.

Naming Binary Covalent Compounds

This slideshow provides a description of how to name binary covalent compounds and examples to practice on your own.