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Nano-bio Services

Nano-bio Services

Author: murphy wu
Description: Polymers are macromolecules made of repeating organic/inorganic monomer units. They have been widely used in a variety of biomaterials because of the ease of fabrication, flexibility, biocompatibility, as well as their wide range of mechanical, electrical, chemical, and thermal behaviors. The property of polymer material is determined by its structure, functional groups, molecular weight and distribution. For example, tacticity (arrangement of chemical groups on polymer backbone) has a large impact on the crystallinity and mechanical strength of polymers; polymers with high molecular weight (MW) usually show stronger mechanical property than the ones with lower MW. Polymers with a narrow polydispersity have better processing and visco-elastic property than the broadly distributed ones. Additionally, polymers can be combined with other materials such as carbon fibers to form composites with enhanced electrical property. When used in biomedical devices, polymers may serve as protective coatings for other components, or adhesive agents to seal off the interface between two materials, or even substrates for the device.

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