Author: Kay Kubat
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student objective

I will be able to understand and use the nanometer ruler and understand the concept of nanotechnology to measure objects too small to see with my natural eyesight.

Nanotechnology is a basic unit of measurement for length.  Most people are able to use a meter stick to measure lengths of different objects or distances.  ( A yardstick is about 3 inches shorter than a meter stick). Technology has now let the medical field, research scientists and technical developers create and observe tinier and tinier objects.  A measurement was needed and a nanometer was created.

A nanometer is one billionth of a meter.  Quite small and hard to measure without the aid of many different types of microscopes.  Comparing units of length below will help you understand how small a nanometer is.

1 meter=100 cm=1000 mm=1,000,000 micrometers=1,000,000,000 nanometers

You may remember the measurement scale from last year.

___Kilo___________Hecto_______Dec____meter______deci_______centi____milli______micro_______nano______  1000_____              100                10             1              .1             .01       .0001          .000001     .000000001


Source: www.nnin.org

invisible cloak

Source: youtube