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Nation Creation

Nation Creation

Author: Joanna LaBoue


  • Create their own government using ether an already existing model, or by creating an entirely new system. 
  • Experience and analyze the turmoil within a self-guided group project. 
  • Relate to the characters and conflicts in Golding's Lord of the Flies

For the next two class periods, I will not be able to answer any questions or help you at all in any way. Use this tutorial and each other to navigate the formation of a new government. 

Prepare a presentation for your classmates to educate them on your government. 

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Video Instructions

To get to the video type:Nation Creation #2 English 12 Honors into the search bar on Youtube. My face should the 3rd-4th option. 

Design Currency

Use this website to design your own currency. You might want to take a picture to make your currency personal. 

When you're finished, right click to save the picture and print a copy. 

Traditions and Rituals

Check out these website to read about traditions and rituals around the world. Get inspirations, but try to be unique.
Check out this website for cultural rituals around the world:

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