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National Alliance for Youth Sports

National Alliance for Youth Sports

Author: tony meyers

The objective of this packet is to provide coaches or parents with a resource to help benefit there kids when they are playing youth sports.

Creating a healthy lifestyle for people first starts when they are youths and the experiences that are provided for them.  Kids need to learn at an early age that living an active lifestyle is important.  There is a growing problem with obesity with the youth population that needs to be addressed.  This starts with getting them involved with sports at a young age.  Sports provide kids with a way to get an hour or two of exercise a couple times a week instead of just sitting inside and playing video games. 

Parents have a lot to do with the growing population of obese kids in that they provide a terrible diet for their kids as well as not making them do any type of activity.  Sometimes it takes a parent to get involved not only to get their kid to play but to coach them in how to play.  A lot of the coaches that coach the yputh dont know a great amount about what they are doing, they are just out there to provide supervision for the kids.  The website that i have found provides parents and coaches a way of learning how they can help coach their kids even though they might not know much about the sport.  This is a great website to educate parents and coaches so that they can provide a positive influence on their kids to show that they are willing to be involved with their kids.  Sports are a great way to build a kids confidence, it lets parents and kids spend some quality time together, and also gives kids a chance to interact with other kids and create life long friends.

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sports developmentation

The basic tools that you learn with sports come from the first few years of doing an activity.  Providing your kids with a developmental program to give them the basics they will need for that sport.  This provides parents with a good chance to spend some quality time with their kids and really get some 1 on 1 time with teaching them.  This will provide a better learning environment for the kid as well as letting them get a head start on other kids when they start competing in that sport.

Importance of Youth Sports

This video discusses the importance of youth sports and the role that the parents should play in their kids development. Some parents take to much involvement in the sport and really ruin the sport for the kid because they stop having fun. You want to try and create a balance between the kids having fun but also teaching them the basic developmental skills of the sport.

Parents ruining youth sports

This video provides an example of parents that have gotten out of control with youth sports. Parents need to realize although they want their kids to win and be the best that it is more important for them to have fun and enjoy what they are doing.


Preventing youth sports injuries

This video describes ways to help prevent injuries while playing youth sports. You are seeing an increase in youth sports injuries mostly because parents do not take the proper precautions. You have to be careful not to cause any overuse injuries so teach the kids multiple sports instead of just having them do baseball year round. You also want to make sure kids are properly warmed up and are wearing the correct type of protective wear that is needed for that sport.