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National Monument iPad Lesson

National Monument iPad Lesson

Author: Cheryl Kelly

Students will...

•Research information about a national monument of your choice

•Be able to list three facts about a national monument

•Create a collage using Pic Collage App that includes 2-3 pictures of the national monument and 2-3 fact

•Save the collage to the camera roll

•Post the collage in our Edmodo group

•Post a comment about in Edmodo to another student’s collage 

  1. Students will begin by using an iPad to research different national monuments. Specific sites will be linked to Facts students discover  will be added to their notes on their iPad.
  2. Student will then open the Pic Collage app on their iPad and create a collage of  images and facts about the national monument they researched. * Student should also label the collage and add their name.
  3. Once the college is complete, it can be saved to the iPad camera roll. 
  4. Using the Edmodo app, students will log in  and post their collage to the group.  
  5. Once their's is posted, they will view other student's collages that have been posted and add a comment. 


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National Monuments iPad Lesson PPT

This PowerPoint includes student requirements for completing the lesson.

Pic Collage Tutorial

Source: Youtube