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Native Americans of the Plains

Native Americans of the Plains

Author: Traci Taglione

Create an acrostic about the daily life of Plains Indians

Compare/Contrast the life of a Plains Indian from ancestral to modern time

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I'm From

I'm From

I am from Texas to Canada,

A nomadic tribe that is fond of hunting buffalo,

Making knives and cups from its bones,

And eating its flesh for food.


I am from a religion where everything has a spirit,

Worshipping the Great Spirit who has power over all spirits,

Warrior shields decorated with paint and feathers,

Medicine men that could heal the sick in our society.


 I am from tepees that form a circle,

Buffalo hide and deerskin clothing,

Colored paints made from clay and berries,

Feather headdresses and peace pipes.


I am from legging, loincloths and moccasins,

Parfleches to store corn and beans,

Collecting firewood and preparing food,

From storytelling grandparents to sign language for surprise attacks.

Daily Activities of the Plains People

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