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Natural Resources

Natural Resources

Author: Melissa Wagner

1.G.2.2 Explain how people use natural resources in the community.

Students will be learning about natural resources and how they can be used to create man-made products.


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Directions to the Glogster:


Today, you will be watching a video and playing a game to learn about natural resources. I have created a tutorial for you to use to help you gather and learn the information. What is a natural resource you might ask. Well, if you follow the step by step process below you will be able to master everything you need to know after this tutorial.

I have created a Glogster which you are able to view and click on to get started. While you are doing the interactive activities you are still able to follow along with the directions while viewing the Glogster. Follow the steps below to get started:

  • Step 1: Watch the video by clicking on "What is a natural resource?" to learn more about natural resources. During the video you will learn how man-made objects can be made from using natural resources. This video will give you examples of different kinds of natural resources and man-made objects. The second part of the video you will be learning about renewable, nonrewable and unlimited sources. After you watch the video think about what new facts you have learned. If you want to take notes during the video go right ahead. Whatever helps you obtain the information. Once you finished the video move onto step 2.


  • Step 2: Click on the green words that say "Get Inspired" to play an online interactive game. Read the blue talking bubble that says once you click on 'Get Inspired' scroll down on the website and click on the link that says "Materials 2." There you will see 4 activities that you will complete. The first activity you will be sorting toys into 3 groups that you will create and state why you are grouping them together. Then click on the green menu button to move onto the next activity. The 2nd activity you will label the materials. Once you have finished placing the correct label with the correct picture click on the green menu button. The 3rd activity you will be sorting natural and man-made materials. The last activity you will be describing the changes in materials and answering questions. Type your answers in and then print them out and bring them to class. When you complete this portion of the Glogster move onto step 3. 


  • Step 3: Read the description of the activity so you are prepared to know what is expected when you come to class.



Natural Resources - Glogster