Natural Selection

Natural Selection

Author: Ashley Adi

Subject: Biology 

Grade 10th 

Standard: 7.A. Students know why natural selection acts on the phenotype rather than the geno­type of an organism.

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Click the Link to Read More About What a Phenotype and a Genotype is!

A Closer Look At The Theory of Natural Selection

Watch this video for a closer look at how natural selection affects phenotypes and genotypes.

The Bigger Question!

Directions: Answer the question below on a separate sheet of paper and turn it into the appropriate period homework turn in slot. 


          Pick an organism of your choosing (except for the Peppered Moth) and create an environment for it. Then I want you to discuss how natural selection, of your own choosing, acts on that organism. Speculate what would happen to your organism if a natural disaster occurred (either an earthquake, a flood, or a fire) . Would the tides of natural selection change? Explain your answer.