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Navigating iBooks

Navigating iBooks

Author: Jodi Altringer

Learner will be able to navigate the basic features of iBooks for the iPad.  

This tutorial explains how to organize collections in iBooks, how to open PDF's in iBooks and how to navigate the menu and features when a children's book is opened. 

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This tutorial shows you how to organize your collections and use the hidden search feature.

Menu bar in iBooks for a children's picture book.

This is a screenshot of the menu when you open a children's picture book.  iBooks now has the option of reading the book out loud.  Choose the speaker icon and then choose whether you want the pages to turn automatically or manually, then select "start reading".

Menu bar for a children's book.

iBooks now offers the options for some children's books to be read aloud.  To choose this option, tap the speaker icon, then choose how you want the pages turned, adjust the volume and start the reading.  

Menu options when a word is selected.

Menu options when a word is selected.

This option is only available with books, not with PDF's.  When you tap and hold a word in the text, a new menu will appear.  Several words or an entire paragraph can be selected by dragging the dots.  The arrow allows you to toggle through options.  The options available depend on the type of book and what has been selected.  If you choose "speak", the word or words selected will be read aloud.  Another option will be "define".  The word will be defined in a new menu.  Highlight, copy, and search are other options.  

How to open a PDF in iBooks.

Opening a PDF in iBooks.

When you open a PDF in Safari, a menu will appear directly under the bookmarks bar for a few seconds.  Select "open in iBooks" and the PDF will open and be saved in the PDF collection of iBooks.  If the menu disappears before you can select it, tap under the bookmarks bar and the menu will return.