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3 Tutorials that teach Navigating Relationships within Organizations
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Navigating Relationships within Organizations

Navigating Relationships within Organizations

Author: Jeff Carroll

Recognize how to manage relationships with upper management and bosses.

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Source: Image of sailboat, man talking to man and woman, man in suit with arms crossed, executives at conference table, man presenting at whiteboard, images by Video Scribe, License held by Jeff Carroll.

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Hi, I'm Jeff. And in this lesson, we'll learn how to manage relationships with upper management and those with your direct boss. So let's get started.

Within an organization, one of the key skills any employee must learn to use is the ability to form and strengthen relationships. Whether the relationships are with other employees or with bosses, or even upper management, it's critical to communicate clearly and concisely. It can be difficult for any employee to deal with all the issues that arise alone.

That's why it's important for an employee to develop a good working relationship with their boss. In addition, strong communication between an employee and their boss will avoid misunderstandings and incorrect expectations.

An employee who has a good reputation with his or her boss will respond and relate well to bosses, work harder for a good boss, learn from bosses and people with prior experience, accept challenges and development efforts, and take both negative and positive feedback well.

It can also be challenging for employees to be comfortable around higher management. After all, they appear to have so much more influence within the company. However, good managers will make the effort to be both approachable and open to all employees. So it is also beneficial for employees to gain experience speaking with higher management.

An employee who is comfortable around higher management will act naturally and professional with senior managers, present to senior managers without being overly nervous, understand how senior management thinks and works, create approaches which use senior manager's language, meet their needs, and is seen as positive.

Most of these skills take practice. So don't worry if you make mistakes in the beginning. We all learn and improve.

OK. Well done. In this lesson, we learned about the need to form relationships in an organization. We talked about having a good relationship with the boss. And we discussed ways employees can comfortably operate with senior management.

Thanks for your time, and have a great day.