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Navigating Teacher Website on Google

Navigating Teacher Website on Google

Author: Paula Perryman

Students will understand the process to navigate teacher website and download instructional materials.

After students complete this tutorial they will know what to do if the teacher is absent or they are absent.  Accessing data from classroom Google Drive will allow teachers, students and parents to understand content being covered in class along with materials necessary to either catch up or review materials covered.


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Perrymans Website

The purpose of the classroom website is to communicate with parents and students alike.

All resources can be viewed by anyone with the link to the home page.

All items uploaded in the Calendar section can be opened and viewed in Google Docs or via Google Drive in the folder shared for your class.

Perryman's Home Page

Royal HS Teacher Home Pages are similar in that they all have a variety of tabs that can be used to navigate materials.  This Tutorial will show what information you will find in each of the tabs on Perryman's Website.

Click here to navigate to Perryman's Home page.

Play around and see what you can find.


The Important Page

The important page is the Calendar, this is where you will go if you missed work and need to find assignments, instructions, entry and exit tasks and or worksheets.

Click here to go to the classroom calendar

You will look for this familiar PPT layout

This is just s sample PPT from Freshman Health that reminds you of the way daily PowerPoints look in our classroom. You will be looking for the Google Presentations that follow this format.

Opening Classroom Assignments and Worksheets

This video will show you how you would locate the correct files for your class and download instructional presentation and any supporting documents.