NCC 1080 Chapter 1 Materials

NCC 1080 Chapter 1 Materials

Author: mary daunis

Use the TI 83/84 calculator to generate and store a list of random numbers.


The calculator will provide a list of integers between a lower limit and an upper limit you specify and of a length you specify. The syntax for the command is

randInt(lower limit, upper limit, #of values)

You can access the function randInt( in the MATH key under menu option PRB.

In the video I illustrate how to clear a list in the calculator; generate a list of 16 random integers between 1 and 65; store the list in list location #1, L1 in the TI.

Beware that the list generated this way may contain repeated numbers because the calculator selects with replacement. In this case just generate a second list and replace the repeats with numbers in the second list. The resulting list will still be random.

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Generate Random Numbers with the TI 83/84