NCC 1080 Chapter 3 Materials

NCC 1080 Chapter 3 Materials

Author: mary daunis

Introduction to descriptive statistics

measures of central tendency: mean, median, mode, midrange

measures of spread: variance, standard deviation

formulas for calculating

proper rounding

using the TI calculator

To aid you in your understanding of these concepts, I aim to give methods for performing the calculations that do not involve extensive use of formulas. Emphasis is on understanding and interpreting the meaning of the statistics you obtain from a data set. 

However, you should use the formulas for a couple of calculations just so you can better understand why they work to give us a good description of a data set. The first video in this tutorial shows you how to combine using the formula with using the TI calculator. The remaining videos focus on how to use the TI.

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Summing Numbers in a List

Use the TI calculator to sum the numbers in a list. Then find the mean.