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NCC 1080 Chapter 5 Materials

NCC 1080 Chapter 5 Materials

Author: mary daunis

You will be able to use the TI83/84 calculator to automatically enter the probabilities for a binomial PDF into a list.

You will be able to use the TI83/84 calculator to determine mean and standard deviation of a discrete probability distribution.

You will be able to use the TI83/84 calculator to find individual and cumulative probabilities; you will be able to use the Rule of Complements in this context.

The TI can give you a list that consists of the probability values in a binomial distribution. This video shows you how to do it.

The command is under [2nd]<VARS>( Distr). Select the option for binompdf( and enter the number of trials n and the probability of success p, separated by a comma:

binompdf(n, p)

This video demonstrates binompdf(5, 0.782)

Note: If you just want the probability for a single value of the random variable, simply enter the third value for x:

binompdf(n, p, x)

Be sure to watch the accompanying video that explains how to use this skill to calculate the mean and the standard deviation of the binomial PDF.

The second video details a process for finding the mean and the SD of a probability distribution. 

The third video illustrates the cumulative probability function: binomcdf(n, p, x).

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Fill a LIST with Probabilities in a PDF with TI83/84

demonstration of slick method to fill a list with probabilities; handy for letting TI calculate mean and SD for a binomial PDF (topic for another video in this playlist)

Source: itsallmine©

Use TI83/84 to Find Mean and SD of a PDF

a simple method to use TI for this calculation

Source: itsallmine©

Binomial Probability with TI83/84

We calculate the probability of exactly 14, exactly 13, and 13 or 14 females in 14 individual births. The syntax for the TI83/84 calculator is

binomcdf(n, p, x)

This video shows that the probability of 13 female births in 14 individual births is quite small. Since 13 is an unusually high number of girls this probability indicates that chance is not a reasonable explanation.

Interpreting Binomial Syntax on the TI Calculator

Interpret each of the following graphically. Then, give the syntax for the TI calculator with numerical values replacing parameters.

exactly 7 heads in 15 tosses of a fair coin
at most 7 successes in 15 tosses of a fair coin
at least 7 successes in 15 tosses of a fair coin

Interpret each of the following using a sentence or two.

binompdf(12, 0.5, 11)
binompdf(12, 0.5, 12)
binomcdf(12, 0.5, 11)
binomcdf(12, 0.5, 12)
1-binomcdf(12, 0.5, 10)

Source: itsallmine©