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NCC 1080 Chapter 7 Materials

NCC 1080 Chapter 7 Materials

Author: mary daunis

You will learn how to use formulas and also the TI calculator to construct confidence intervals for a proportion.

You will be able to use the TI83/84 calculator to find the numerical value of a critical t score. You will learn to use the invT function for this.

You will be able to use the TI83/84 calculator to find a cofidence interval. You will use the TInterval function for this.



Calculate t(a/2) for a 95% CI using the TI 84 graphing calculator. If your TI is an older version, like 83 or 83+,  and you do not have the invT function, watch the second video in this list before looking at this one.

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Use TI83/84 to Find Confidence Interval for a Mean with Known Population Standard Deviation

use ZInterval

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Use TI83/84 to Find Confidence Interval for a Proportion

This video shows how to construct a confidence interval for a proportion by using formulas and also by using the TI 83 graphing calculator.

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Using TI Functions invT and TInterval

This shows how to use TI to get the value of t(a/2) and how to use the TInterval function to calculate a confidence interval.

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