NCC Statway Statistics Module 10

NCC Statway Statistics Module 10

Author: mary daunis
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Nine Random Integers Between 1 and 400

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CLT Simulation for Means

Here is a link to a JAVA-run simulation for the Central Limit Theorem for Means. Due to JAVA issues, this simulation may not run on all web browsers. It should run with Firefox.





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Using the CLT for Means Applet

Source: Carnegie Foundation Statway Initiative

Construct a Confidence Interval

Use the TI graphing calculator to construct a confidence interval with the Student T-distribution.

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Two Sample Confidence Interval with Student T Distribution

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Two Sample T Test with Student T Distribution

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Confidence Interval - Paired Data

Twenty-two students were randomly selected from a population of 1000 students. The sampling method was simple random sampling. All of the students were given a standardized English test and a standardized math test. Test results are summarized below. Find the 90% confidence interval for the mean difference between student scores on the math and English tests. Assume that the mean differences are approximately normally distributed.

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Program invT into Your Old TI!

Logic of Statistical Inference

Tree diagram of TI functions to use for confidence intervals and hypothesis tests for means when population standard deviation is unknown.

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Choosing the Correct Distribution

For confidence intervals and hypothesis test, choose either a Z or a T distribution for the test statistics and critical values. This video outlines how to make the correct choice.

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