NCC Statway Statistics Module 3 Materials

NCC Statway Statistics Module 3 Materials

Author: mary daunis

to illustrate process for using TI83/84 calculator when finding least-squares regression lines (lines of best fit).

The data here pairs number of credits with amount spent on textbooks. Linear regression line is calculated.

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Linear Regression with TI83/84

Use the TI83/84 to find the least squares regression line - also called the line of best fit. The process is called linear regression. Access the STAT key and use the CALC menu to find option 4:LinReg(ax+b).

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Use TI83/84 for a STATPLOT Scatter Plot

After entering data into lists, use the STATPLOT function to create a scatter plot.

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Store the Equation of the LSR Line

Use the VARS button.

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