Negative and Zero Exponents

Negative and Zero Exponents

Author: Al Greene

- New terms and definitions
- How to handle a zero exponent
- How to work with negative exponents – showing how previous properties of exponents still apply.

This packet discusses how to work with a zero exponent, and how to handle negative exponents. We go through the differences that negative exponents bring, and also the similarities they have to the previous topics discussed.

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What's in this packet

This packet covers the rules for zero and negative exponents. We have videos for you to learn from, and several examples.

Source: Greene

Exponents: Zero and Negative Numbers

This video shows you how to deal with negative and zero exponents.

More help with zero and negative exponents

This is another video showing a slightly different way of thinking about zero exponents.


This page has some great examples on negative and zero exponents, as well as explaining the rationale behind it very well.