Negative Feedback & Thermoregulation

Negative Feedback & Thermoregulation

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Introduction to Psychology

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Homeostasis & Thermoregulation

This tutorial introduces Homeostasis and begins the study with an examination of the what that the Nervous and Endocrine systems interact to maintain an internal steady-state temperature.

Source: M. O'Mahony, Open Source images

Thermoregulation and Homeostasis

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Source: M. O'Mahony and open source images


Excellent video (36 min) giving an overview of the key concepts of homeostasis.

Source: BioEd Online

Learner's TV: Homeostasis

Source: Learner's TV

Negative and Positive Feedback Systems

Excellent description of Negative and Positive Feedback Systems with examples and diagrams. Good introduction with explanation of a steady-state.

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This is a simple video but really relevant and easy to watch.  It's short (7.32 min).

Source: PBS

Positive and Negative Feedback

Source: Glencoe Online Learning Centre