negative inversion

negative inversion

Author: emel kandemir

by watching this ppt students are able to

1.negative inversion

2,use negative inversion

3.use an advanced grammar subject

4. use a question structure in a positive sentence

5. how some adverbs are used at the beginning of a sentence

in this lesson

Students are first made to listen to a dialogue with negative inversions,then the teacher focuses on negative inversion structures eg.

Never does she go there. / on no occasion was she allowed to stay out late.

Then the teacher shows some more example lessons written.

students try to derive the rule.

the teacher sows the ppt on inversion.

the teacher describes how inversions occur.
When a sentence starts with a negative word, the normal word order changes. It becomes similar to the word order of a question.
(never, seldom, rarely, hardly ever, only once, only rarely, not once, not only)
No sooner had I put the phone down than it rang again.
 Hardly / Scarcely / Barely had I got my breath back when it was time to go again.
Seldom do we have goods returned to us because they are faulty. 

I have seen that only once = Only once have I seen that

students take notes.

students do some exercises online on negative inversion.

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negative Inversion

students learn how to use Negative Inversion. " never have i seen him."