Nerve Impulses/Action Potential

Nerve Impulses/Action Potential


This lesson will examine how signals are sent amongst nerve cells to carry out a response.

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  • Action Potential

    A nerve impulse.

  • Threshold

    The minimum voltage shift across a membrane required for an action potential to take place.

  • Resting Potential

    The steady voltage difference that occurs across a neuron’s membrane when it is not being stimulated.

  • Sodium Potassium Pump

    A protein that pumps sodium potassium against their concentration gradients to restore the resting membrane potential following an action potential.

  • Input Zone

    The region of a neuron where signals enter.

  • Trigger Zone

    The part of the neuron located at the base of the cell body that initiates action potentials.

  • Conducting Zone

    The part of the neuron that consists of the axon where action potentials propagate away from the trigger zone toward the axon endings.

  • Output Zone

    The part of the neuron that consists of the axon endings where signals are sent on to another neuron or to a gland or muscle cell.