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Nervous System - Cole

Nervous System - Cole

Author: Sheri Cole
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Nervous System Video Notes

Use this video to complete your note sheet. Your notes will be better the more you watch the video. I recommend watching at least twice, once to write what I write/draw and once to write what I say.

Nervous System Notes Directions

Objectives (BAT list): 

  • Identify the structures (organs and cells) of the Nervous System
  • Describe the functions of each part of the nervous system and how they work together.
  • Illustrate (diagram and label) how neurons are arranged.
  • Describe the path of a stimulus to a response.

​​Note Directions: 

  1. Watch the video and write down everything I write down
  2. Watch the video and enhance your notes by writing down what I say
  3. Use the interactive diagram to enhance your drawings (also a good source for body book/ mini activity information)
  4. Use your completed note sheet to complete the submit form
  5. Bring your completed note sheet to class in order to get credit for your submit

Nervous System Interactive Diagram

Use this diagram to reinforce your notes. Also, the links found within this diagram are a good starting point for research in your body book.

Basic Neurons

Use this interactive diagram to discover more about the three basic types of neurons. All neurons have the same basic parts (cell body, dendrites, axon) and these parts have the same function. The difference is the location of the neurons (some are found in sensory receptors, some in the brain and spinal cord, and some in the muscles). This is a good starting point for your body book research.

Nervous System Quizlet

Use the following quizlet link to help review important terms for the nervous system.

Source: Sam Youts