NETW 230 Final Exam New 2016

NETW 230 Final Exam New 2016

Author: Christine Farr


1.(TCO 1) What tool is used to manage server roles from the graphical user interface of Windows servers?(Points : 4)
2.(TCO 1) What wizard is used to configure the AD DS server role?(Points : 4)
3.(TCO 8) What Windows service provides the background backup processes used by some other backup services?(Points : 4)
4.(TCO 7) What is the Microsoft server solution for malware filtering of network traffic and web traffic?(Points : 4)
5.(TCO 8) _____ disks are not supported on notebooks or removable drives.(Points : 4)
6.(TCO 2) A RAID 5 volume requires a minimum of _____ disk drives.(Points : 4)
7.(TCO 4) The _____ is the system that contains the printer driver, print queues, and network spooler.(Points : 4)
8.(TCO 9) What is the group policy feature called that allows for more than one level of policy settings on a local machine without a domain?(Points : 4)
9.(TCO 9) What is used in conjunction with L2TP to provide authentication and encryption for VPN connections?(Points : 4)
10.(TCO 5) What tool can be used to display the values of any performance counters on Windows server?(Points : 4)
1.(TCO 1) Other than the specific hardware device vendor, the Windows Server DVD, and Microsoft Update, what source do you have for device drivers?(Points : 10)
2.(TCO 1) Define a forest root domain in your own words.(Points : 10)
3.(TCO 1) Define a DNS zone in your own words.(Points : 10)
4.(TCO 8) What kind of storage does not maintain data during a power failure?(Points : 10)
5.(TCO 9) Describe MLGPO in your own words.(Points : 10)
6.(TCO 9) Describe a VPN in your own words.(Points : 10)
7.(TCO 6) What command will shut down and restart a Windows server from the command prompt?(Points : 10)
1. (TCO 1) Based on what you learned in this course and your research for the Course Project, what do you think is the most significant user-interface difference between Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012? Describe it in detail, and explain why you think it is significant.(Points : 40)
2. (TCO 9) Describe the features of Windows Server 2008 that were covered in this course that will influence the stability of the system. Do a minimum of three features.(Points : 40)
3. (TCO 3) Explain the role and function of active directory. Pretend that you are in a job interview and the interviewer asks you to explain active directory. Explain its overall role as well as the individual aspects of it (e.g., create users, etc.). Be sure to cover as many of the aspects of it as you can, and provide examples of its use.(Points : 40)

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