NETW 240 Final Exam New 2016

NETW 240 Final Exam New 2016

Author: Christine Farr


1.(TCO 1) _____ Linux is the most common commercial Linux distribution used today.(Points : 6)
2.(TCO 2) Linux is a _____ and _____ operating system.(Points : 6)
3.(TCO 2) During Linux installation, you need to configure a minimum of _____ user account(s).(Points : 6)
4.(TCO 3) The switch used by the cp, mv, and rm commands that will eliminate the prompt when a file is about to be overwritten or deleted is(Points : 6)
5.(TCO 3) If you have booted to the Linux CLI, the command used to start X-Windows from a command prompt is(Points : 6)
6.(TCO 3) The _____ operator in Linux will redirect standard input to come from a file instead of the keyboard.(Points : 6)
7.(TCO 3) The _____ metacharacter can also be used to refer to the current user's home directory.(Points : 6)
8.(TCO 4) The content of which directory is copied to all new users' home directories?(Points : 6)
9.(TCO 4) To set all of the special permissions (rwx) on a certain file or directory, you can use the command _____, where name is the name of the file or
10.(TCO 4) Which command is used to create groups?(Points : 6)
1.(TCO 5) What is the maximum number of nodes that can use any given IP address in a network?(Points : 6)
2.(TCO 5) The command set used to turn a Linux computer's network interface card eth0 on and off line is(Points : 6)
3.(TCO 5) How would you refer to the first Ethernet card on a Linux system?(Points : 6)
4.(TCO 6) _____ is a remote administration tool that encrypts information that passes across the network.(Points : 6)
5.(TCO 6) In FTP, which is the default data port?(Points : 6)
6.(TCO 6) The configuration file for FTP using vsFTPd in Linux is(Points : 6)
7.(TCO 6) The Linux configuration file _____ contains a listing of computers that should be permitted access to your computer.(Points : 6)
8.(TCO 6) What is the directory of the Apache configuration file?(Points : 6)
9.(TCO 7) DNS stands for(Points : 6)
10.(TCO 7) Hostnames and fully qualified domain names (FQDNs) can be resolved statically on individual Linux computers by configuring the file(Points : 6)

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