NETW 410 Final Exam

NETW 410 Final Exam

Author: Abraham Nolito


1. What is the function of the distribution layer? Discuss the equipment used at this layer, the criteria used to select the equipment, the size of the network that would use this layer, and whether redundancy is typically used here.

2. In the top-down network design model, why are the organizational and business goals and constraints listed first?

3. Your enterprise organization is in the process of redesigning the IPv4 address scheme for various locations in North America, South America and Asia. The goal is to minimize the size of the routing tables, increase reliability in routing, have fast routing convergence and increased scalability. What do you propose that they do to meet the above goals? Assuming that they are Cisco and Juniper routers, what routing protocol would you use and why?

4. Is the internet viable as WAN backup technology? What are its ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES? What methods are used to connect networks over this media?

5. You are responsible for preparing a document to explain to senior management the importance of implementing a converged network that supports voice, video and data. You need to at least explain the following:

6. What would those advantages be? What is one major advantage of a converged network? How can we mitigate the disadvantage?

7. Secure Health is a large hospital located in many states in the Southwest. The organization is concerned about protecting patient records due to the daily data breaches that organizations have experienced lately. You are tasked to help Secure Health develop a security plan to mitigate risks to their data assets. Name three technical solutions that you would propose and why. Name two non-technical solutions that you would propose and why?

8. What are first hop redundancy protocols? What do they do? What are some of the ones that are available?

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