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Author: Sean Hadley

Students will be able to connect with fellow classmates and be able to find similarities.

Students contribute to the lesson by learning to network with other students in order to get to know their fellow classmates. 

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As students enter the classroom they will go on their iPads to where they will type their name, where they are from, and their favorite sport. This will allow students to see where their fellow classmates are from, and their interests in sports.


Direct Instruction

Knowing your fellow classmates requires listening, and asking questions. When you do both of these you are able to learn about your classmates interests.


Students go to and write down something interesting about themselves that nobody else in the class knows. Once everyone has written something down the students take their ipads and as they walk around the building they ask questions about the responses to figure out which response goes with which students.





From the responses provided on the two padlet boards students have to write, in a word document that will be e-mailed to the teacher upon completion, what they can remember about their classmates.