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Neuromuscular Assessment

Neuromuscular Assessment

Author: Sophia Tutorial

Conduct a neuromuscular assessment of the patient.

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what's covered
In this lesson, you will learn how to conduct a particular type of physical assessment in Spanish. Specifically, this lesson will cover:
  1. La Evaluación Neuromuscular (Neuromuscular Assessment)

1. La Evaluación Neuromuscular (Neuromuscular Assessment)

The following questions and phrases will be helpful when you need to conduct a neuromuscular assessment.

English Spanish Pronunciation
What is your name? ¿Cuál es su nombre? k'wall ace sue noam-bray
What date is it? ¿Cuál es la fecha de hoy? k'wall ace lah fay-chah day oo-ee
What day is it? ¿Qué día es hoy? kay dee-ah ace oh-ee
Where are you? ¿Dónde se encuentra? doan-day say ain-k'wain-trah
I don't know. No sé. This is a patient response.
I'm in the hospital. Estoy en el hospital. This is a patient response.
I’m in the clinic. Estoy en la clínina. This is a patient response.
I’m in the doctor’s office. Estoy en el consultorio. This is a patient response.
Follow my finger with your eyes. Don't move your head. Siga mis dedos con sus ojos. No mueva su cabeza. see-gah mees day-dohs cone suess oh-hos. no m'way-bah sue kah-bay-sah
Shrug your shoulders. Encoja sus hombros. ain-koh-ha suess oam-brohs
Stick out your tongue. Saque su lengua. sah-kay sue lane-g'wah
Squeeze my hands. Apriete mis manos. ah-pree-ay-tay mees mah-nohs
Smile. Sonría. soan-ree-ah
Look at me while I shine this light into your eyes. Míreme mientras le alumbro los ojos. me-rah-may me-ain-trahs lay ah-loom-broh lohs oh-hohs
What year is it? ¿En qué año estamos? ain kay ahn-yo ace-tah-mohs
Who is the president of the United States? ¿Quién es el presidente de los Estados Unidos? key-ain ace ale pray-see-dain-tay day lohs ay-stah-dohs oo-knee-dohs
Wiggle your toes. Mueva los dedos de su pie. m'way-bah lohs day-dohs day sue pee-ay

In this lesson, you learned some questions and phrases in Spanish that you can use when conducting a patient's neuromuscular assessment. This language is important because it will help you communicate with patients effectively during their physical evaluations.

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Source: This content has been adapted from "Spanish for Nurses" by Stephanie Langston.