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This lesson will describe the function of the nervous system as well as the structure and function of a neuron and will include detail about the three types of neurons.

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Esta lección es una breve introducción a la estructura y función de las neuronas y el papel que desempeñan en el sistema nervioso.

Terms to Know

A part of a neuron that conducts signals away from the cell body and on to another cell.


A part of a neuron that receives incoming information.


A type of neuron in the central nervous system that receives incoming sensory information and relays information to motor neurons.

Motor Neuron

A type of neuron that communicates with gland or muscle cells which then carry out a response as determined by the brain.

Nervous System

A body system that collects, interprets and responds to stimuli from the environment.


A nerve cell responsible for relaying information throughout the nervous system.

Sensory Neuron

A type of neuron that collects data about stimuli in the environment and sends the information to the brain.