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Neurotransmitters and Synapses

Neurotransmitters and Synapses

Author: Barbara Ludins

This lesson will define neurotransmitter, synapse, and receptor sites and explain their functions in neural impulses and types of neurotransmitters,

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  • Resting Potential

    The state in which a neuron is not firing or sending a neural impulse and when there is a negative electrical charge inside the neuron.

  • Threshold of Excitation

    The level or point at which a neuron fires, or a neural impulse is triggered.

  • Action Potential

    The state in which a neuron reaches its Threshold of Excitation and fires, or sends an electrical impulse down the axon.

  • Ion Channels

    Small tunnels along a neuron that to pump ions from one side of the cellular membrane to the other, which creates an electrical charge.