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4 Tutorials that teach New Kingdom Architecture
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New Kingdom Architecture

New Kingdom Architecture

Author: Erin Aldana

This lesson will explore the architecture of New Kingdom Egypt. 

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General map of Thebes, Creative Commons Wikimedia,, Plan of temple at Luxor, Creative Commons Wikimedia,,  obelisk and pylon, Creative Commons Wikimedia,, hypostyle hall, temple at Luxor, Creative Commons Wikimedia,, plan of temple at Karnak, Creative Commons Wikimedia,, model of Karnak, Creative Commons Wikimedia,, clerestory at Karnak, Creative Commons Wikimedia,, Hatshetsup mortuary temple, Creative Commons Wikimedia,, Image of Hatshepsut with Offering Jars, Creative Commons,

Terms to Know
Axial Plan

The horizontal arrangement of the elements of a building or town along a central axis.


A part of a building that rises above the roofs--basically windows above eye-level primarily allowing light and ventilation.


A series of columns.


A form of architecture that has a roof supported by columns.

Pylon Temple

In architecture, i.e. Egyptian temple, a large opening, doorway or entrance.