Newton's Laws of Motion

Newton's Laws of Motion

Author: Deanna Morrison

The lesson explains Newton's 3 Laws of Motion, gives several examples for each law, and compares the laws to each other.

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Newton's Laws of Motion Notes

Watch the video to hear detailed explanations of Newton's 3 Laws of motion.

Source: D. Morrison

Newton's Laws of Motion Notes

The power point without audio.

Source: D. Morrison

Newton's Laws of Motion Unit Packet

Take notes over Newton's Laws of Motion in the unit packet. Then answer the summary questions at the end of the notes section. Finally, submit a HOT question in the form below.

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Source: D. Morrison

HOT Question

Submit a Higher Order Thinking question regarding the notes. The question should address one of the following:
1) A concept or process from the notes that you find confusing and need further explanation and examples to understand.
2) Confusion or misunderstanding on how the concepts are connected and tied to other concepts we have learned about previously.
3) A challenge to the class because you have complete understanding of the power point notes. (Challenge - term should be in the question submitted.)
4) Give an everyday example of the concept if you feel that have achieved complete understanding of the concepts and processes described in the notes.

Source: M. Langhans, Inspired by C. Kirch