Newton's Second Law

Newton's Second Law

Author: Cassie Carmona

To teach people about the basic ideas of Newton's second law of motion. 

Newton's second law explains the effect of a force.  The formula for this law is Acceleration equals Force divided by M***: a=F/mA m*** needs a force to accelerate.The bigger the force, the greater the acceleration the m*** omits: F=m(A). The smaller the force, the smaller the acceleration the m*** omits: f =m(a). The larger the m***, the smaller the acceleration: M=f/a. The smaller the m***, the larger the acceleration: m=f/A. The overall idea is that a mass can only have acceleration if a force is applied to it. The effects of a larger or smaller force cause the mass to have a larger or smaller acceleration, with the knowledge that acceleration depends on a mass' size. Our video will show you examples of these different applications. 

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Newton's Second Law of Motion