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nmr spectroscopy structure determination

nmr spectroscopy structure determination

Author: Dynah Perry

nmr spectroscopy structure determination

Only one method can accomplish the analysis and interpretation of the entire spectrum, among all the spectroscopic approaches. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance is non-destructive although mass spectroscopy needed a number of samples. So as to use Nuclear Magnetic Resonance as an analytical tool, it is essential to understand the physical principles on which the methods are based. Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is a robust method, which can rapidly analyze mixtures at the molecular level without requiring separation and/or purification steps, making it true for applications in food science. However, NMR is still an underutilized methodology in this area, despite its increasing popularity among food scientists, mainly because of its high cost, relatively low sensitivity, and the lack of NMR expertise by many food scientists. One can use X-ray diffraction instruments to analyze molecular structure at the atomic level. The advantages of NMR are that sample measurements are non-destructive and there is less sample preparation required.

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