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Noemi piedrasanta virtual classroom

Noemi piedrasanta virtual classroom

Author: noemi piedrasanta

description of TPACK and SAMR

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Virtual classroom

What is for?

It creates online classroom for teacher and students. It helps the students to be engaged.

A virtual classroom allows you to create, share, and organize all of the course content. It helps the students to be on track.

What is TPack?

TPACK is a framework to understand and describe to understand of knowledge. Teachers must have a strong foundation using in

Ck- content of the knowledge

PK-pedagogy knowledge

TK-technology knowledge

Integrated with

PCk- pedagogical content knowledge

TCK-Technological content knowledge

TPK- technological pedagogical acknowledge.

Model SAMR

Is a model designed to help educators infuse technology into teaching and learning.

The model support and enables teachers to design, develop and infuse digital learning, and infuse digital learning experience that uses technology.

How does it work?

Modification- Technology is being used more effectively no to do the same task using different tools but to redesign new parts of the task and transform students learning.  e. g. Google docs for instance to collaborate and share feedback on a given task.

Augmentation- means different level, but we are still the substituting but this time with added functionalities eg. Google docs provides extra services like auto saving, auto syncing, and auto sharing in the cloud.

Substitution – In this level of substitution level, teachers or student are only using new technology tool to replace old one. For instance, using Google docs to replace Microsoft word. The task writing is the same but the tools are different.


Why integrated tech into the curriculum

1. Student were most engaged in the classroom

2. It is effective

3. It enable the students' sense of agency and identity, and learning experience

4. Technology will help the students acquire the skills they need to survive

5. It changes the way teacher teach