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Non-Rational Factors In Decision Making

Non-Rational Factors In Decision Making

Author: Craig Coletta

At the end of this tutorial, the learner will understand that decision making is not an entirely rational process and will be able to name some of the factors that influence it

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  • Salience

    A factor of an object, idea, choice, etc. which draws additional attention to that item.

  • Emotional Bias

    A tendency to believe that something which generates a pleasant feeling is “good,” and that something which evokes an unpleasant feeling is “bad.”

  • Status Symbol

    An item which suggests that its owner has a high social status.

  • Rule of Thumb

    An expression, meaning a general estimate, knowing it will not be entirely accurate in all situations.

  • Non-Rational

    In decision making, the influence of emotional factors rather than tangible gains/losses associated with a choice.