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NoSQL, Microsoft Access, and Pivot Tables

NoSQL, Microsoft Access, and Pivot Tables

Author: david utsey

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Complete BOTH parts of this assignment.

Part A: Write a 500-1000 word paper using Word discussing NoSQL. Use at least two sources outside your text and course material for this paper. Do not use Wikipedia. Use APA format for the paper, and be sure to cite all your sources using APA format. Submit your Word document for grading.
Part B: Use the Week 3 Assignment Pet_Database File for this section of the assignment. In the PET table, delete the PetDOB field and add a numeric PetCost field. Populate this field with appropriate values. Save the changes to the PET table. Create SQL queries to do the following:
Display the last name and phone number of all dog owners. Use a subquery to do this.
Display the first and last name of owners and the type of animal of all unknown breeds.
Display the pet name and owner last name of all dogs.
Save all 3 queries.
Export the PET table to an Excel spreadsheet. Create a Pivot table. Have the cost display as currency. Take screen shots* of two different views without a report filter and paste the screen shots into a Word document. Then add a report filter and choose one value for it, take a screen shot, then choose a different value for the same filter and take another screen shot. Paste those into the Word document containing the first two screen shots. You should now have 4 screen shots in this Word document. Save the Word document as Screen shots. Save the pivot table as Pivot.
You will have 4 files submitted for this assignment: the Word document with your paper from Part A, the Microsoft Access Pet_Database file, the Screen shots Word file, and the Pivot file.
*To take a screen shot, have the proper information on your screen, hit the PrntScr button, and then paste into the Word document.

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