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Note values, duration, and time signatures

Note values, duration, and time signatures

Author: Kevin Macatangay
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1. Watch the first video about the different types of notes. 

2. Watch the second video of the Twenty One Pilots song Level of Concern

3. While watching and listening to the song, clap along with the song and keep in mind the different types of notes. 

4. Take note of how the music makes you move or feel. 

5. Take the quiz

6. Post on our group wall which note types you hear and which songs you listened to. 

Source: YT: Khan Academy Partners

Note Lengths

Quarter Note= 1

Half Note= 2

Whole Note= 4

Source: YT: twenty one pilots Official Artist Channel

Extra Songs to Listen to

These are few songs to listen to get some practice listening for everything we have learned so far. 

  • Frequencies
  • Musical instrument families
  • Instruments
  • Note Durations
  • Time Signatures

Keep these all in mind while you are listening to different songs throughout your day. 

Source: YT: owlcitymusicx

Source: YT: Train

Source: YT: sarabareilles

Source: YT: John Travolta - Topic

Source: YT: Whitney Houston

Source: YT: kikki5183

Source: YT: Kristin Chenoweth

Source: YT: judykuhnmusic

Source: Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu - Topic