Notes 10-2 Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences

Notes 10-2 Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences

Author: Mary Selcer
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Uses of Sequences

Statisticians, researchers, production forecasters, marketing, and others all use sequence data and learn to analyze the trends. The predictions they make from existing series data is extrapolated to make predictions of trends, populations, spreading of disease, numbers of iPods that will be sold next year, component failure and reliability trend analysis, and more. 

If people were not using this type of data to forecast, Apple wouldn't know how many iPods to make, Ford wouldn't know how many cars to make, the Department of Transportation wouldn't know when to build/widen/repair roads, the Center for Disease Control wouldn't be able to predict flu season and the amounts of vaccine to produce.... 

Part 1 Arithmetic Sequences

Part 2 Geometric Squences