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Nouns and Their Jobs

Nouns and Their Jobs

Author: Wanda Cavitt

To review direct objects, indirect objects, predicate nominatives, and objects of prepositions.

Students watch video clips on each type of noun then take a quiz to check their understanding.

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Nouns can have several different jobs in sentences. As a subject, the noun tells whom or what the sentence is about.

As a complement, the noun completes the meaning of a verb. Nouns that are complements may be
predicate nouns, direct objects, or indirect objects.

A noun also may be used as an object of the preposition.

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Direct Objects

Source: GrammarBytes

GAME TIME!!! :) :) :)

Go to the following link and play the game.  You may move on to the next video when you have made an 80% or higher.

Indirect Objects

Source: GrammarBytes

Time for another quiz!

Go to the following link and take the quiz.  You may move on to the next video when you get at least 12 questions correct.

Subject Complements (also known as Predicate Nominatives or Predicate Nouns)


Go to the following link.  Choose the word that is the predicate nominative on the flashcard, then click 'flip' to see if you are right.  Click on the arrow under the flashcard to go to the next card.

Source: Ms. Mendoza Predicate Nominative

Object of the Preposition

Look at the following powerpoint on objects of prepositions.

You have now completed the tutorial on nouns and their jobs.  Good job!  :)